The Fighting Preacher Movie

We are so exited for the new upcoming movie by director T.C. Christiensen.   This movie will tell the story of Willard and Rebecca’s mission to Palmyra New York.  The movie is set to release on Pioneer Day, July 24th 2019.   Check the “Books and Videos” section for links to the trailers and news stories on the movie.

Many of Willard’s descendants were privileged to be extras in the movie so if you look closely, you might see someone you recognize.   Mark your calendars and take your families to see the story of this amazing couple.

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  1. I am so excited to learn all about them, my Grandma Vera Bean is related, her Great Grandpa was Willards Uncle, her Grandpa was Willards cousin… And ironically after buying the beautiful green Autobiography of his I realized that in his mission as he investigated the 2 missionaries who had been killed along with the 2 Condor? Boys, that my Grandma was married to the descendant of the Berry missionary who was killed. How about that? A Bean and a Berry relative married years later. It has been so fun to read all the books I have been able to get my hands on about them. I love learning about my many relatives and their amazing testimonies that are so full of faith and hard work! Thank You for putting this out there for me to learn of family I didn’t know I had until now! It has been so exciting to learn more about my dad’s side of the family! Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments. It is so much fun for us to learn about so many family members we never new we had.

  2. P.S. It was only after seeing the trailer for this movie from my cousin Eric Bean posting it on FB that I became aware of them. My Grandma married and moved away from the other Bean’s to be with her husband Harbon Berry Heap. So because of you I have learned so much inn the last few weeks! Thank you!

  3. Just read the book WILLARD BEAN THE FIGHTING PARSON by Vicki Bean Topliff (Published by Digital Legend) and highly recommend it. It includes a nice section about Willard’s pioneer parents which give a good understanding as why he became the great man that he was. As we look forward the film THE FIGHTING PREACHER take the time to read THE FIGHTING PARSON. I think that the two together will make for a far more rewarding experience.

  4. We just saw the movie today and dearly loved it!! Thank you TC Christensen and all who helped with the making of the film and especially the Bean family.

  5. I enjoyed the movie very much. I was born into the Church, but it was not until I visited the Scared Grove did I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. It was a very scared event in my life. To know how the Church was able to gain all of those special places was a nice gift. Thank you!

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