The Fighting Preacher

The Fighting Preacher by director T.C. Christensen

Well know director T.C. Christensen (17 Miracles & Ephraims’s Rescue) is producing a movie based on the life of Willard and Rebecca Bean.   Theirs is a true story of a former world middleweight boxing champion who is called with is new wife, back to Palmyra New York to care for the Joseph Smith Farm.   In the face of considerable persecution from the locals, they work to survive, raise their family and represent their faith.  In time, they win the hearts of their neighbors and make many friends through their unending service and love.

The movie is based on the book “The Lion and the Lamb” by Rand H. Packer and features Dave McConnell as Willard, and Cassidy Huber as Rebecca.   It is planed to be released on July 24th 2019 (Pioneer Day of course), and should be in theaters throughout Utah.

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